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Open Innovation: Driving Companies and Industries Toward a Sustainable Future

Open Innovation

Open Innovation has proven to be an essential engine for business progress, allowing organizations to expand their boundaries and accelerate the pace of innovation. In this scenario, Maxi Science's Research, Development and Innovation Center (RD&I) emerges as a crucial protagonist, driving innovation and establishing strategic partnerships that transcend conventional barriers.

Maxi Science's commitment to Open Innovation is evident in its strategic partnership with the Maximize Science Technology and Innovation Institute (IMCTI), a non-profit Scientific and Technological Institution (ICT). This synergistic collaboration aims to create an environment conducive to cooperation between companies, industries and research institutions. IMCTI, aligned with the objectives of the Lei do Bem, acts as a facilitator for real profit companies that seek to apply tax incentives in their research and development activities. The IMCTI accounting team has extensive experience in this type of development, structures and facilitates accounting flows for the partnership.

The Lei do Bem, as described in the Practical Guide to the Lei do Bem 2020 available at the link, offers a set of tax benefits for companies that invest in RD&I. Among these incentives, the most notable are the reduction in Income Tax due and the possibility of deducting expenses related to innovation projects.

By adopting Open Innovation and taking advantage of the tax incentives provided by Lei do Bem, companies can expand their research capabilities, promoting a virtuous cycle of innovation and sustainable growth. The expertise of Maxi Science's RD&I Center and the strategic partnership with IMCTI enable companies to explore new technological horizons, promoting positive transformation in the industrial and business sectors.

Open Innovation, combined with the benefits of the Lei do Bem, is a promising path for companies seeking to stand out in the current competitive scenario. Maxi Science, through its RD&I Center and partnership with IMCTI, plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, guiding companies towards a future of innovation, efficiency and prosperity.

Benefits Granted by the Lei do Bem (Law 11,196/2005)


The benefits granted through art. 19 of Law 11,196/2005 include:

I. Deduction of the Sum of Costing Expenses in RD&I in the calculation of IRPJ and CSLL:

• Up to 60%, via exclusion;

• An additional 10% when hiring researchers for RD&I (Increase of less than 5%);

• An additional 20% in hiring researchers for RD&I (Increase of more than 5%);

• Up to 20% more, in cases of granted patent or cultivar registration.

II. 50% reduction in IPI on the acquisition of goods intended for RD&I;

III. Full Accelerated Depreciation of New Assets Intended for RD&I;

IV. Accelerated Amortization of Intangible Assets Intended for RD&I;

V. Reduction to Zero of the Withholding Income Tax Rate (IRRF) on Remittances of Financial Resources Abroad for the Registration and Maintenance of Trademarks, Patents and Cultivars.

Reference: Practical Guide to the Law of Good - MCTI


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