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Trimble Business Center 3.40 (x64)

Trimble Business Center 3.40 (x64)

Trimble Business Center (TBC) is a software that transforms field data from various geospatial devices into high-quality, actionable information and client deliverables. TBC supports data from GNSS receivers, total stations, laser scanners, mobile mapping systems, drones and more.

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In December 2017, Trimble released TBC version 3.40 (64-bit), which included new features and enhancements for Trimble vision, general survey, CAD and drafting, corridors, system support, machine control and ease of use. Some of the highlights of this version are:

  • Support for the new Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station, which combines high-accuracy surveying, enhanced Trimble VISION imaging and high-speed 3D scanning in one instrument.

  • Improved point cloud processing and visualization, including the ability to create point clouds from images captured by the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner or the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station.

  • New corridor modeling tools, such as the ability to create cross sections from polylines, edit cross sections in plan view, and export cross sections to LandXML or DXF formats.

  • Enhanced CAD and drafting capabilities, such as the ability to create custom feature codes, import and export DWG/DXF files with enhanced compatibility, and use new commands for editing polylines and creating offsets.

  • New system support features, such as the ability to run TBC on Windows 10 S mode, use a dark theme for the user interface, and access online help and tutorials from within the software.

  • New machine control features, such as the ability to create machine control data for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform and Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System.

TBC version 3.40 (64-bit) is available for download from the [Trimble website] or from the [NEI website]. Users can also access the release notes for more details on the new features and enhancements.

TBC is a powerful and versatile software that enables geospatial professionals to manage their data efficiently and effectively. With TBC version 3.40 (64-bit), users can benefit from the latest technology and functionality that Trimble offers.


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