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Hunt, Shoot, and Sell Zombies in Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers APK Download: A Fun and Casual Zombie Game

If you are looking for a game that combines action, adventure, humor, and zombies, then you should try Zombie Catchers. This is a game where you play as an alien who hunts down zombies, makes them into delicious products, and sells them to hungry customers. You will also explore new territories, discover rare zombies, upgrade your gadgets, and build a food business empire. Sounds fun, right?

zombie catchers apk download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Zombie Catchers APK download. We will show you how to download and install it on your Android device, how to play it with some tips and tricks, what features it has, what reviews it has received, and some FAQs. Let's get started!

How to Download and Install Zombie Catchers APK on Your Android Device

Downloading and installing Zombie Catchers APK is very easy. You can do it in two ways:

  • Go to the and search for Zombie Catchers.

  • Tap on the Install button and wait for the download to finish.

  • Open the game and enjoy hunting zombies.

That's it! You are ready How to Play Zombie Catchers: Tips and Tricks

Zombie Catchers is a game that requires skill, strategy, and creativity. You have to hunt zombies, make products, and manage your business. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play better:

  • Follow the missions and upgrade your gadgets. The game will give you missions that will guide you through the gameplay. You will also earn coins and plutonium that you can use to upgrade your gadgets. Gadgets are essential for catching zombies, so make sure you have the best ones.

  • Use traps and charged shots to catch more zombies. Traps are devices that you can place on the ground to lure zombies. They come in different types, such as bait, mines, and magnets. Charged shots are powerful shots that you can fire from your harpoon gun. They can stun or freeze zombies, making them easier to catch.

  • Explore new territories and find rare zombies. The game has a map that shows you different territories that you can unlock. Each territory has different types of zombies that you can catch. Some zombies are rare and more valuable than others, so try to find them all.

  • Build a food business empire and sell zombie products. Once you catch zombies, you can squeeze them into juices, candies, snacks, and other products. You can then sell them to your customers and earn money. You can also upgrade your lab, factory, and shop to increase your production and profit.

Features of Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers APK is a game that has many features that make it fun and addictive. Here are some of the features that you can enjoy:



Hunt down zombies with your harpoon gun and sneaky traps

You can use your harpoon gun to shoot zombies and drag them to your flying ship. You can also use traps to lure zombies and catch them.

Unlock exciting new hunting gadgets such as nets, weapons, guns, traps, and jetpacks

You can upgrade your gadgets with coins and plutonium that you earn from missions and catches. You can also buy new gadgets from the shop.

Create tasty juices, candies, and snacks from your zombies and sell them to hungry customers

You can squeeze zombies into various products that you can sell in your shop. You can also upgrade your lab, factory, and shop to make more products and money.

Discover new territories on the map and find unique zombies to collect and squeeze

You can unlock new territories on the map with plutonium that you earn from hunting ranks. You can also find rare and special zombies in each territory that are worth more money and products.

Dispatch your army of drones around the world to find awesome zombies to catch

You can send drones to different locations to scout for zombies. You can then go to those locations and catch the zombies that the drones found.

Lure out special boss zombies and capture them with your harpoon from your flying ship

You can use baits to attract boss zombies that are bigger and stronger than normal zombies. You can then shoot them with your harpoon from your flying ship and catch them.

Develop your skill and do perfect catches to climb the hunting ranks and get more plutonium and costumes

You can improve your skill by doing perfect catches, which are catches that do not miss or damage the zombies. You can also climb the hunting ranks by catching more zombies and earning more plutonium. You can also unlock new costumes for your character.

Manage and grow your very own underground lab

You can build and upgrade your underground lab where you store your zombies and make your products. You can also decorate your lab with various items and themes.

Complete fun daily challenges to get awesome rewards

You can complete daily challenges that will test your skills and give you coins, plutonium, and other rewards.

Play offline - No internet connection necessary

You can play Zombie Catchers without an internet connection. You can still hunt zombies, make products, and sell them offline.

Reviews of Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers APK is a game that has received positive reviews from both players and critics. Here are some of the reviews that you can read:

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"Zombie Catchers is a really good game. The game is entertaining, and the quality of the design and production are top notch." -

"It's incredibly charming and accessible, but hunting all the different zombies can make for a worthwhile challenge as well." -

You can also check out the user reviews on the to see what other players think of the game.


Zombie Catchers is a fun and casual action adventure game that lets you hunt zombies, make money, and save the world. It has amazing graphics, gameplay, features, and reviews. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or APKCombo. If you are looking for a game that combines action, adventure, humor, and zombies, then you should try Zombie Catchers. You will not regret it!


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Zombie Catchers APK:

  • Is Zombie Catchers free to play?

Yes, Zombie Catchers is free to play. However, it also offers in-app purchases that can enhance your gaming experience. You can buy coins, plutonium, gadgets, costumes, and other items with real money. You can also disable in-app purchases in your device settings if you do not want to use them.

  • How many zombies are there in Zombie Catchers?

There are over 100 different types of zombies in Zombie Catchers. Some of them are common, while others are rare or special. You can find them in different territories on the map. You can also see their names, descriptions, and values in the zombiepedia.

  • How can I get more plutonium in Zombie Catchers?

Plutonium is a valuable resource in Zombie Catchers. You can use it to unlock new territories, gadgets, costumes, and other items. You can get more plutonium by doing the following:



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